28 Day Group Program

Beginning October 9th


I see you.

I know it’s frustrating.

When the diets don’t work.

When 8 days a week at the gym isn’t enough.

When you DO lose the weight and you still don’t feel confident in your body.

When your body feels more like your enemy than part of you.

Why is making peace with your body and finding freedom so difficult?!


Well, yes actually, you are.

There is a deeper reason for your struggle. And you have the ability to uncover it and heal it.


I feel ya babe.

I spent the majority of my life struggling with emotional eating, body dysmorphia and self loathing.

My body was my enemy… something separate from me… an object.

thing I desperately wanted to change in hopes of finally feeling like I was worthy.

I just wanted to feel like I was enough.

All of this changed when I began the journey of accepting every part of myself and getting in tune with my body.



You can’t have a body you love if you don’t love your body.

You can’t feel whole if you don’t embrace every ounce of your essence.

You will never feel like enough if you’re ignoring your own divinity.

You wont lose weight if you’re suppressing parts of yourself.

So whats the key to loving your body, releasing excess weight and

showing up as the fullest most radiant expression of yourself???

Fully embracing every aspect of your divinity.

The ebbs and flows of your feminine rhythms, the light, the dark, and everything in between.



October 9th- November 5th. We begin just after the new moon and will be together for an entire moon cycle because as you begin to understand deeply, our body’s cycles mirror the cycles of the moon, the seasons and the stages of life. So we are aligning ourselves from the get go!


Each week I will release new content into our sacred virtual hub relating to the theme of the phase we are exploring. This will include: videos, meditations, visualizations, soul work, journaling exercises and anything else I feel is necessary to share.


On October 14th at 1pm PST + October 28th at 1pm PST we will meet in virtual circle as we dive deeper into the essence of this work. These calls will be recorded and available for replay in case you aren’t able to attend live.


Where the magic happens. This is our safe space to share with each other, create sisterhood, and support each other on this journey of self discovery. We aren’t just reclaiming what it means to be an empowered women, we are reclaiming what it means to create a sacred sisterhood. Our inner journey always reflects outward.



Have you struggled with feeling unworthy or like you aren’t “enough”?

Are you ready to release physical and emotion weight?

Do you desire to reconnect with your body’s natural cycles and needs?

Are you sick of judging and criticizing yourself and your body?

Do you want to strengthen your intuition and unlock your spiritual gifts?

Are you ready to feel comfortable, confident and sexy in your own skin?

Do you want to finally feel worthy and stop deflecting the things you desire?

Isn’t it time you embrace your divine feminine essence?

Isn’t it time to love yourself radically?


The intention of this 28 day journey is not to heal you or make you whole, its to remind you that you already are.

Consider this a deconditioning of societal standards and a transmission of truth.

You already have everything you need within you.

Now, let’s activate it!

Price: $333



3 Payments of $111

Frequently asked questions:

Is this a diet? No. This is NOT a diet! I will not be giving you a list of foods to eat or not eat, there will be no meal plan, no restrictions, nothing to “cut out”. This is an inner journey of self discovery to heal what years of dieting has conditioned you to believe.

Can I do this if I don’t have a monthly period? Yes! Whether or not you bleed regularly or if you no longer have a womb, your body holds the energetic blueprint. You can still access this energy either way.

Can you guarantee results? Nope! You get to decided your own results. The amount of work you put in is up to you. I will be there to guide you and provide as much support in your expansion as possible. Ultimately, its up to you how much you decide to implement.

Do you offer refunds? The only time I will consider offering a refund is in the event of a true emergency.

Got more questions? Feel free to reach out to me! I’d love to chat!

Contact me: [email protected]


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