Your Body Is Sending You Messages…Here Is How To Translate Them

Uncategorized May 21, 2018

“The sensations in your body are messages. Tune in, not out.”

Our body sends us messages through sensations. Feedback about our environment and choices. Guidance in every moment.

But we tend to prefer the positive messages and have no trouble translating things like joy, love, excitement. “This feels good so I’ll do more of that!”

When it comes to things like pain, discomfort, cravings, tension, anxiety…we run and hide. Pop a pill, eat, ignore it. These sensations are giving us just as much feedback as the others! And ignoring them is not only robbing you of the opportunity to sharpen your intuition and grow, it is causing dis-ease in the body.

What happens when you don’t allow yourself to feel ALL the feels? This energy gets stuck in the body. Unexpressed emotions become energetic blocks and limiting beliefs. It drags your vibe wayyyyy down.

This is NOT what you want.

We want our energy to flow freely.
Our beliefs create our reality.
Our vibe attracts EVERYTHING!

You gotta tune INTO these feelings and sensations, NOT out.

Let them wash over you and experience the sensation fully. I know, it will be uncomfortable. But if you resist it or ignore it you lose the opportunity to learn from it and clear it.

We have so much wisdom and guidance available in our bodies! What is yours saying?


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