Why I gave up stability for the unknown…

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2017

Many of you know that I had been a hairstylist for the past decade. The last few years I was at the salon part time while I was studying yoga, nutrition, and more recently, beginning my coaching business. I loved doing hair. I worked with my best friends, had great clients and got to play and be creative all day. I’ve been fortunate to never be in a situation where I hated my job. Plus, it provided me a stable income while I pursued my other passions.

Once I heard the call to move to Costa Rica, I fully intended on working at the salon up until I left. This would have given me 3 months to see as many clients as possible, say my goodbyes and make extra money to save to provide me with a cushion for my move. That would be the smart thing to do, right?

It was then brought to my attention that my energy was being split between doing hair and my coaching business because my heart just wasn’t in it anymore. Deep down I knew this was true. I knew I was being called in a new direction and it was time to let this part of me go. Now. Not in 3 months but right away. Yet, I was still holding on to the stability and familiarity of my old life because I was afraid. And the fear was loud. Much louder than that little voice within me that knew what I needed to do.

Fear told me how stupid it would be to leave a stable source of income, especially before a big move. That I needed that money because what if I wasn’t able to make enough money on my own? It made me worry that my clients would be upset and I would be letting them down. On and on fear gave me excuses and warnings to stay in the safe and familiar for as long as possible.

And this is when the magic happened.

I was able to hear the fear and recognized it for what it was. This allowed me to also recognize the other voice that was telling me this was the right thing to do. My intuition. And instead of giving in to the fear and being paralyzed by it, I chose to listen to my inner guidance.

I called the salon immediately and gave them my notice. Within one week of making that call I had booked enough coaching clients to make up for more than I would have made in a month at the salon.

Giving up a stable income earlier than necessary, it’s not the “smart” thing to do. It’s not logical. It’s not financially responsible. But this is what I knew deep down I was being called to do. And by listening to that knowing within me I was able to make space for the flood of gifts the universe had been wanting to share. And it all fell into place with such ease.

Are you ready to stop doubting yourself and access your own inner guidance? Where have you been listening to logic rather than what your soul is calling you to do?


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