The real difference between healthy and unhealthy

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2018

I recently did a 36 hour fast. I’ve probably done a dozen or more juice fasts and other types of cleanses throughout my life, but none of the previous ones were healthy. Yup, that’s right. The many times I spent days or even a week drinking only organic vegetable juice was not healthy.

Soooo…why not?

Because of my intention for doing them. Beyond all the health benefits (and yes, there are many) my biggest motive was to lose weight. And the motivation to change my body? It was all coming from a place of lack. Of not feeling like I was enough as I am. Hoping that if I was able to change my body and alter my appearance I would feel validated.

Essentially, I was fasting or cleansing in order to look good enough, be skinny enough, make my skin glow enough, prove I was good enough, feel strong enough. To be enough.

If you are doing something healthy but the underlying current is that you hate yourself, you are infusing that energy into your food and reabsorbing it to continue creating more of what you don’t want. For this reason, even a salad can be unhealthy.

Why was my recent fast different? Because of the intention behind it. I had zero intention of changing my body. I was more interested in tuning into what was going on on a deeper level without any distractions. To increase my awareness. To sit with discomfort and listen with curiosity to any messages wanting to come through. It had nothing to do with changing myself and everything to do with knowing myself deeper.

The difference between something being healthy and unhealthy is not only the thing itself, but the intention behind it. Become aware of your intentions. Infuse everything with love and you can shift the vibration of practically anything.


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