Reprograming The Mantra In Your Mind

Uncategorized May 21, 2018

Something has been implanted into your brain. Lets call it a negative mantra. Ok, I know this may seem like a sci-fi movie but stick with me a sec.

Does any of this sound familiar?

I am not enough.
I’ll never be good enough.
I am too much.
I am not safe.
My worth is determined by my appearance.
I am damaged goods.
I am all alone.
I’ll never be loved.

Well? Sound familiar?

Does it almost seem as if one or all of these has been running on repeat in your mind? Influencing your thoughts, your actions, your reality. Convincing you. Imprisoning you. Keeping you from fully embracing your power.

You are not alone.

These mantras live in the collective consciousness of women. Its what we were taught, how we were treated, it has been passed from one woman to another. Mother to daughter. Sister to sister. We have been under these spells for long enough. Women are waking up. Everyday.

Beginning to remember…
Their mission.
Their power.
Their TRUTH.

It is time to reprogram this negative mantra(s) that is keeping you small. You are so powerful and it is safe for you to rise up and to show up. You deserve to love yourself radically and even more…we need you to remember why you are here. You have a big role to play.

First, you must identify what is holding you back. Call it out. What is the most disempowering belief that you hold? Please share it with me so I can assist you. Because I remembered my truth and my mission. Now its time for me to help you remember yours.

Are you ready to make the commitment your expansion and release the resistance that has been holding you back?


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