Not Your Average Self Care Tips…

Uncategorized Jan 30, 2019

The way you care for yourself is directly linked with how much love and abundance you are able to receive.

And trust me, you want to be in the receiving mode. There is soooo much goodness waiting to be sent your way. But if you don’t believe you are worthy of giving love and care to yourself, how can you expect to receive it from anywhere or anyone else?

Self care is so much more than getting massages, taking bubble baths and doing face masks. YES, of course, these are amazingly delicious things to do for yourself. But it goes much deeper than the external pampering. Like most of this spiritual stuff, its internal.

Think of how you would care for someone you love. How would you talk to them and treat them? Are you treating yourself the same way? Chances are the answer is no. We are usually the hardest on ourselves. Im guilty of it too! My whole life I treated myself so poorly. I was so mean to myself. Like REALLY mean. And it took much more than a weekly bubble bath to change my relationship with myself and open myself open myself up to receiving.

Ready to take your self care to the next level? Here is how to begin really caring for yourself.

These aren’t your average self care tips…

1. Clean up your self talk– Have you noticed how you talk to yourself? You may not even be aware of the conversations you have in your head. Start to pay attention to how you speak to yourself. What kind of things are you saying? Are you criticizing and tearing yourself down? Or are you your own cheerleader? Speak to yourself the way you would speak to someone you deeply cared for. Root for yourself! Praise yourself for your wins and comfort yourself when you need it

2. Forgive yourself– Are you holding a grudge against yourself for mistakes you’ve made or goals you didn’t reach? Let        yourself off the hook and release the need to be perfect just as you would for someone you loved. Ask yourself right now, what do I continue to beat myself up about? What am I disappointed in myself for that I haven’t forgiven? Its ok to mess up. Its ok to make mistakes.The key is to learn the lesson and then release the tension.

3. Say “Me First!”– You’ve heard people say to put your oxygen mask on first before helping others, right? Easier said than done. If you have been neglecting yourself for any amount of time, it will be difficult to start putting yourself first without feeling like a bitch or worrying that others will think you’re completely selfish. But you must. Start by being honest with yourself about what you need. Where have you been overextending yourself? Where do you need to create boundaries or say no? How have you been compromising your own needs for someone else’s? Write it down and journal about it then choose one way you can put yourself first today.

This is the real work. Although I do fully support and recommend pampering yourself, self care is a moment to moment practice, not just a once a month spa appointment. Like anything else, you don’t always have to get it right. Don’t judge yourself for the times you say shitty things to yourself or you put someone else’s needs in front of yours. Just notice how it feels, release it and recommit to caring for yourself.


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