How To Secure Yourself From Within

Uncategorized May 24, 2018

Mantra: I secure myself from within.

This has been a huge theme for my clients lately. Annnnd if I’m honest, myself as well! (Hey, we’re here to teach what we’re also here to learn!).

How do we secure ourselves from within? How can we feel safe regardless of our external experience?

I’m not talking about feeling calm when things are stressful. I mean security. It’s that element that so many women look for in men. That knight in shining armor that saves the day and makes us feel safe and sound. Except how do we do that energetically & for ourselves?

Yes having a man who embodies the divine masculine is amaaazing, but this is an energy that we must first balance within ourselves. Otherwise we will always be looking for someone or something to fulfill it for us.

I speak so much on the divine feminine but the truth is we have both energies running through us. Masculine and Feminine.

And you know what feels reallly good? Finding the balance within yourself so you create your own safe and secure container to express your flowy femininity.


Ok, so hooowwww?!?!
What is that container that will serve as your support?

Get clear about the things that bring you INTO alignment and make them non negotiable. This isn’t about just hustling and working hard. We’re outta that mindset remember? This is about devotion to the things that bring you into your flow so this fluidity is supported and feels grounded.

Whether that means a consistent meditation or movement practice, getting in nature daily, awareness of negative thought patterns or simply committing to doing those things that you KNOW will propel you forward, devote yourself to creating the space for your fierce feminine to run wild.

What are you devoting yourself to today?


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